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hello again,
we do have princess on smz because of there might be a infection. what really blows my mind is that there is little drainage on the club hoof and none on the other since I have been doing the ozone. I know that does not mean the infection is gone but the last 3 x-rays I had taken the last one is were her hoof were the best since  july 2015 plus.
also her standing and eating just over all better. that's why I cant see why the infection could still be there.  the vets also said a leg perfusion with antibiotics could be a waist of time because of the infection could of been there for some time we need to give her smz 2 times a day to help fight it better. it will be in here system steady and longer..
the new drug I got I can't give here. what a bummer. it could raise her IR.
has anyone heard of equine nutriceuticals the winning edge?  this was suggested that it could help. but they didn't know.
in a perfect work we would take her in and have the infection removed and go from there but its not. so our battle goes on.
but there is a bright side the vet larry should me a x-ray of a pony that had only 25% of its bone left and it was running around and happy with out meds.. he said he seen worse.. it dependents on the animal.. 
ozone is very good I think but to much is deadly, it can kill the blood cells and much more..
*  Would it then be even more important to make sure the diet supports the horse by not adding pro-inflammatory feed stuffs and make sure the antioxidants are in place in the balanced diet? Higher amounts of Vit e, and maybe other anti-oxidants added on to the basic balanced diet as well?
what would you say pro-inflammatory would be?  sin her horse tech it suppose to have the antioxidants. her diet is only off because of the amount of hay she gets. all she wants but other then that she gets balance cubes for her grain and has them all the time also.. here vit e is up to 1500 Iu...when my son gets back in a couple of days I'll do more updating.. the only thing that difference is her vit e is higher in her last history but I would have to check..
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I just want to support what Lorna and Nancy said.  You shouldn't be getting private messages, even if the writer may think it is kinder to go privately.  All comments pro and con should be made freely and anyone stating pro or con should be fully prepared to back up what they are saying.

I've done a lot of reading on ozone - from alternative sites to American Academy of Ozonetherapy and their ISCO3 literature database to PubMed.  This is nothing new.  The first patent for an ozone generator was filed in 1896. 

I think this is the most balanced description of ozone therapy:

J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 1996 Apr-Sep;10(2-3):31-53.

Ozone as a bioregulator. Pharmacology and toxicology of ozonetherapy today.


The disinfectant activity of ozone is well recognized and ozone is used worldwide for sterilization of water. The use of ozone as a complementary medical approach is less known, because it has mostly been used in an empirical fashion without a rational basis and appropriate controls. In spite of this drawback, the use of judicious and standardized ozone dosages can elicit the formation of ROS acting as natural physiological activators of several biological functions. There is now a reasonable understanding of a few mechanisms of action and, using classical pharmacological concepts, it appears possible to formulate a rationale for optimizing clinical applications. A further exciting development is that ozone, being an oxidizer, can upregulate the intracellular anti-oxidant enzymes eventually inhibiting the constant, life-long oxidative stress responsible for degenerative diseases and aging. Among various routes for the administration of ozone, the autohemotransfusion procedure, consisting in exposing blood to ozone, i.e. to a calculated and brief oxidative stress, appears safe, simple, inexpensive and amenable to be adjusted to different pathological states It is hoped that this review will help to dispel prejudices, to clarify that ozone toxicity can be tamed, to show that ozone can act as a bioregulator and to encourage controlled clinical investigations to evaluate definitely the validity of ozonetherapy.

Intravenous use is not new either although the direct injection of the gas under pressure or in a liquid has been replaced in human medicine by retransfusion of blood that has been removed from the body first then exposed to low levels of ozone.

The disinfecting activity in tissue directly exposed to the gas (like your sealed bag treatments) is not questioned.  Benefits and indications for injected ozone are far less clear.  For example, it was claimed to regenerate discs but subsequently found to cause a lot of local damage:

and has caused stroke and ocular hemorrhage:

on the plus side there, the pain relief from it is very good.

Internally, it causes an inflammatory reaction in the immune system (release of cytokines) and increased levels of antioxidant enzymes -which are also partially used up in neutralizing the ozone.

There is much, much more but our focus here is on treatment of osteomyelitis that your local treatments might not be able to reach.  It has shown benefit in the literature when combined with antibiotics but not on its own. Time will tell.

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