My horse, Busy, has become so lethargic over the last couple of months that even the barn handler commented today that there are some days that she isn't sure that he will make it into his stall.  He walks with his head very low, barely picks up his feet and looks depressed.  Some days he is fine.  Sometimes when he is being ridden his hind quarters vibrate  a little but only for a minute or two then he is fine.  Sometimes he doesn't really want to work but as soon as he gets going he is full of beans.
I have considered the weather as a possibility as  winter is a bit depressing with shorter days.  I have considered that because he really can't be a horse and gallop around in a grassy pasture he may be depressed. He is sound but drags his feet like they are made of concrete.  We upped his pergolide over the fall to 3 mg. from 1 mg. but the numbers kept increasing so Dr. Kellon suggested that we hold tight until the spring as we were chasing numbers.

What I am not sure of is this something that I should accept as part of Cushings/IR or is something out of whack that I can do something about about it.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

Sue and Busy
KIngston ON
Oct. 2010

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