Re: Jennifer and Darcy, back again


Hi Jennifer
I have a 30 year old appaloosa mare that is IR/Cushing and is on pergolide.  I use Triple Crown Lite as a carrier sometimes and beet pulp sometimes.  I have two feed tubs in her stall, in one I give her Triple Crown Lite and in the other is beet pulp.  Maybe for weeks she will eat all of her beet pulp so I put her supplements in the beet pulp and then - wham - she changes and eats all of her TCL so I start putting supplements in her TCL.  She changes about every few weeks and I change with her.  I have tried adding it all together but she won't eat it that way.  Sometimes you have to experiment to see what works.  A few days without supplements won't hurt until you figure out what will work.

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