Re: Jiaogulan induced abcessing?

Dawn Wagstaff

Dr. Kellon, thank you.
You are correct, there is no way the Uckele Senior and Grass Balancer were balancing my hay. I should have gotten an analysis done on the first cut hay or at least used my last analysis and just had a custom made up. I simply was looking for something they would eat that at least had some copper, zinc, selenium, in a reasonable amount. I was probably feeding around 1 pound a day or more of the Lite mixed into a cup of beet pulp to the mares to get them to eat their supplements.

They still aren't real enthusiastic about the U balance, but I have added Uckele's Equi Sweet and just a tablespoon or so of Lite on top to get them to eat it mixed into soaked Timothy pellets. No beet pulp currently. That is the only change in their feed and it is remarkable the difference in crests and tailhead, shoulder fat on the mares. The stallion has exhibited some positive changes, but not as quickly as they did. 

I have a call into my vet to have an ACTH, Insulin, Glucose and Leptin pulled and sent to Cornell for the stallion. (Always a challenge, he is an adjunct at Michigan State). As I stood and looked at him this morning,(he is slightly more comfortable, no shifting feet this morning), I thought, "if this was someone else's horse, I'd tell them he looks like he has Cushings" Sigh, sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees.
Will continue the J herb and ALCAR.

Interesting point about their pasture turnout. I always turn them out with grazing muzzles on spring through into the first snowfall, usually in November. We have had constant rain, snow, warm temps, rain, etc. from December on. None of them seem too interested in their pastures, rather have hay.

Do pastures benefit from the same soaking and rinsing that hay does?

Dawn Wagstaff
Saline, MI 2003

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