Jiaogulan , APF, Prascend

Dawn Wagstaff

Hi all,
My vet was out this morning to pull ACTH, insulin and glucose for my 20 year old stallion. As soon as I get results back, I'll get a case file. up. 

Stallion this morning has some modest heat in feet and mild pulses. My vet, after reviewing current feed (no packaged feed, timothy pellets with U balance) and on how this stallion is presenting with fat pads, laminitis, eye socket fat, etc. recommended starting on Prascend and adjusting depending on lab results. 

Testing will be done at Michigan State. My vet has a meeting there this afternoon so he was driving directly home to his office, will spin and process the sample, then was driving it directly to MSU and delivering it to the lab. It seemed ridiculous to ask him instead to send it via courier to Cornell. 

He said he has had very good results with using Prascend, so I will start with that. He is willing to write a script for either compound or Prascend, will see where this goes.

My question is the following. This stallion is currently receiving 1/1/2 teaspoons of Jiaogulan per day split into two doses. It is both for his feet and for his RAO. Vet left a bottle of Ventipulmin should he have another episode of heaves. No more Dex as you can imagine.

Should I discontinue the J herb and switch to APF during the transitioning on to Prascend? 

Dawn Wagstaff
Saline, MI  2003

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