Re: small abscess RF

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lj,

Abscesses are the body's way of getting rid of material that is trapped and can't be disposed of in any other way. It can be necrotic material, foreign bodies, infection the circulatory system doesn't have access to as examples. Quite common in the feet when there has been damage of any sort as circulation within the hoof capsule is quite limited. Many times, the material has sat there for a long time unknown and dormant until changes in mechanics and/or movement put pressure on it and get it moving.

High sugar feed doesn't cause an abscess although it could cause insulin spikes in an IR/PPID horse that damage laminar connections and the resulting damage results in an abscess forming. Changes in weather/footing can also mobilize trapped "stuff" because they result in the hoof mechanics changing to adapt to the different footing. Compromised feet may also be more susceptible to outside pathogens gaining a foothold when footing becomes wet as this softens the connections that are already tenuos and immerses them in a "bacterial soup".

Adding Purina Senior to an IR horse's diet is unwise and could lead to Jesse developing serious health issues so it would be recommended that you phase that out asap.

Amazing what a balanced diet and good control of underlying medical conditions can do for healing

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Jan 05, RI
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