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Nancy C

Hi Dawn

If you are concerned about pergolide veil, I would hold off on jherb for now and use the APF.

For those who are new to the Cornell vs MSU issue, below are a few messages that might help.  Members have seen Cornell confirm PPID when MSU did not.  It has nothing to do with courier service. One member suspected her horse was uncontrolled through signs even though regular testing with MSU was not confirming same.  Side-by-side testing at her expense showed Cornell confirming her suspicions.  (Thank you Melanie)

Links to conversations about this below. See especially 170798.


This issue can be problematic not only for initial diagnosis but for following up to make sure the pergolide is at the correct dose.

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Testing will be done at Michigan State. My vet has a meeting there this afternoon so he was driving directly home to his office, will spin and process the sample, then was driving it directly to MSU and delivering it to the lab. It seemed ridiculous to ask him instead to send it via courier to Cornell. 

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