Re: New to the group

Janet Morrison

HI Jaini,  OMG how did I miss this message.  Have my shopping list done and Nutrena stopped.  I can't thank you enough for this information!!!  Thank YOU!!!

I have Ontario Timothy Hay Cubes but I'll check online to see if they are the same as the Ontario Deh Timothy Cubes.  She's been iffy on the cubes in the past so I'll try the Nuzu Stabul or Triple Crown LIte as well as the stabilized flax seed, iodized salt, Vitamin E, magnesium oxide and the Au3/6/16burn Labs APF.
Unfortunately I started with the 1 1/2 dose or Prascend.   Poor girl, no wonder she's off. 
I'll get the case file set up shortly.

I did receive your invite for the other group.  Thanks again.  Your are a amazing resource.

I did get your email on the location snafu.  No worries.

Southern NH

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