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It's not you.  It yahoo, unfortunately, which does not make it easy. 

It would be great if you can tell us more about your situation.  Has your horse been diagnosed, if so, how?  Treated?  How? Laminitis from lyme has been seen by many members here and ti seems each case can have it's own details that complicate sorting through the probelm.  Lyme is in some of our horses along with PPID and IR making diagnosis really important for effective treatment.

The best testing available right now is the Lyme multi-plex from Cornell.

Here are a few messages from teh archives that hopefully will give you more background. One of these links references an old article by Dr Kellon which I will try to find for you tomorrow.

2002 thread

Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance
Hope this helps. Tell us more.

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I have tried searching but I apparently don't know what I'm doing!  Where can I find more information on Lyme on this site?



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