Sadly, new to Cushings but grateful to find you

Ted Wells

I'm pretty sure my horse (at just 24) has Cushing's, we are waiting on the test. 3 weeks ago - seemingly out of nowhere - he developed what we now realize is a "mild" laminitis - no pulse, not much heat in the hooves, no founder stance. Given his past history and the symptoms with which he presented, we weren't sure at first whether this could be Cushing's, a neurological issue, or a new development of an old injury. I believe the acute episode was induced by stress, which significantly elevated his cortisol levels - the death of his very close pasture buddy at the end of January, which coincided (because of weather and other issues, as well as no friend to go racing around the pasture) with a drop in our usual consistent work patterns, and extremes of temperature (from 3 to 78oF in less than a week). We did radiographs of his front hooves and there was some separation of the lamina, but thankfully, very minimal.

We started on bute to alleviate the pain, then switched to banamine, which he metabolized better. He is off the banamine now, and will be body clipped tomorrow as it is unseasonably warm here. He has ow been switched over from Strategy to Healthy Edge, and there have been no treats (since they all contained ESCs).

What seems to have helped (until we can formally start the pergolide) is adding some essential oils to his feed - copaiba, clove and dill. Does anyone have any experience with these or any other oils? If so, any suggestions as an adjuvant treatment with the pergolide?

I'm sure I'll be on seeking additional advice. I am grateful for the expertise here. 

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