Re: Lyme information

Emily Phillips

Understand no guarantee but no hoops to jump through and I was simply sharing personal experience.  My gelding was very sick for many years and the product did help him significantly.  No other vet including yourself Dr Kellon who I tried to contact a few times and never got any reply, could help him.  Antibiotics are not effective when these bacterial infections are chronic.

It is a risk to take.  The product might not work.  For me, it was either euthanase my horse who try the Effective Pet Wellness kit, and it worked.  He is now happy and no not 100% but the bacteria had caused havoc with his organs.

Angers me that people are so against things purely because there isn't hundreds of research studies done and ignore anecdotal evidence.  If I had gone with vet advice I would have killed him but he is 10 years old, and now happy and running around, back under the saddle again and doing what he enjoys.

Any way.  Up to you Ann.  I thought I would just share my experience.  Apologies if that is not wanted here.

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