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Was your horse diagnosed by PCR testing?  Was it repeated after the herbs?  What organs were damaged?  How do you know?  These details are important.


My gelding is part of case studies being performed by the recognised global leader in these vector borne diseases - Professor Breitschwerdt - who established Galaxy Diagnostics.
His formal diagnosis came after sending his bloods off to Galaxy in the US for testing, and he tested positive after 21 days culturing in the lab on 1 day out of the 3 days of bloods taken.
Everything I know of Bartonella and Lyme comes from the information they have currently, which is limited.
All other tests available globally at present for Bartonella are unreliable and can cause false positives and false negatives.

I have not yet had the test repeated and I never said he is now clear of Bartonella.  Only that after giving him the herbs, he is like a new horse.
His symptoms were low grade but I had 4 years of him getting worse and worse - aggressive / lethargic behaviour, over reacting to stimuli, his brain 'wasn't there'.  We know our horses better than anyone and I am no expert but it was like his eyes were open but there was no light on.  He thought he was a stallion and other horses did too, yet he tested negative for being a rig and his testosterone levels were very low.  He had one immune issue after another and I had countless tests done on him.

I know his liver is 'strange' - bloods were normal but ultrasound showed his liver was smaller than it should be and he suffered photosensitisation terribly.  Specialists had no clue what it meant and initially thought he had liver failure despite the normal bloodwork but it didn't fit the rest of his symptoms.
I also know his adrenal function is also affected as his resting cortisol was normal but his cortisol response was stunted.  Specialists had no clue what that meant either.  His response to stress and excitement was over the top.  He'd go from being a donkey to a raging stallion.

I have a 15 page document I wrote on everything relating to my gelding and studied everything down to the finest detail.  For a long time I believed the vets there was nothing wrong but when steroid treatment for a perceived liver failure did 'cure' him, I knew there was something wrong.

My suggestion of the herbs from Effective Pet Wellness come from a place where I had exhausted all other options and all scientific proven options and had nothing left.  And they worked.
Lyme disease I know causes laminitis whereas Bartonella does not appear to (thankfully) and having been through laminitis with my mare, I know how it can be a death sentence.
Hence if I had a horse with diagnosed Lyme, I would give them the EPW herbs and not think twice about it.  But of course I did at the time and it was a lot of money to spend and there are no guarantees.  Not even a vet can give that for vet prescribed medications, and long term antibiotic treatment was going to cost a lot more.

Any way.  The suggestion is there and Ann if you exhaust other possibilities and your horse is still sick then it is just something you could try.  Best of luck.


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