Horse WILL NOT eat his minerals


Hi gang:

I've read through the file on picky eaters, tried most of the suggestions.  I have also experimented to isolate what he won't eat.  I've even fed him Equine Senior mixed with the supplements and he refuses.  I'm at a complete standstill  He ate them just fine for 4 weeks and now he won't touch any of them.  It's to the point where I will have to stop feeding them at all.  Any last advice?  Current supplements are Omega Horseshine, Copper, Zinc, Elevate and Equi Senior.   These were suggested by Dr. Kellon.  I can no longer syringe them into him.  THe reason he needed all this stuff is because he has severe coat bleaching. He's a Friesian (should be black) and he's buckskin.  Any advice would be appreciated.   Already tried Cocosoya, applesauce, molasses, honey, tea, sweet feed and cutting the doses to almost nothing and increasing.

I've also signed up for 2 classes back in January but have had no word of when my classes will start.  Thanks again

Val D- TX

ECIR 2016

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