Re: Re-testing and breeding questions


Hi, Karen - My apologies; now that I realize Java has had the 5 panel test to rule out HYPP, PSSM1, MH, HERDA, and GBED that does make a difference. Still waiting on the PSSM 2 test results, so she is not yet totally clear on all counts.

Yes, people do breed IR horses, and with very strict attention to detail it can be done safely. However, if she were my horse, I would not breed her this year. If she were mine, I would prefer to see her with several months minimum of lively, normal behavior, (no exercise intolerance; normal sweating and so on) and several months minimum of the balanced diet. That puts a potential breeding date into July or August at the earliest. I would also run another ACTH, insulin, leptin and glucose before breeding to see where you are.

All the tests can be run on plasma, so using the purple-topped EDTA tubes for all tests is fine.

It would be fabulous if she is "just" IR, and you turn her around with your new-found knowledge of diet and nutrition!  

-With all this said and some knowledge of where I'm coming from, I would like to respectfully request if you still strongly advise against breeding her?  Is it not possible (or very difficult) to control IR with DDT&E in a broodmare?  Would breeding her likely set her up for a bad case of laminitis?

Thank you SO much for all the help and advice!!!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and all the volunteers in this group!

Jan-16 Colo



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