Re: Manteca Crossed Over

Elva J Mico

Manteca was my best friend for 27 of her 31 young years...........she
will never be forgotten........... Marilynn and Manteca Red Bluff, CA
When I read these, I can't help but shed tears.....we love them so much and I always told my mare I would share my last biscuit with her, and I will still do it with the two I have left. I know there comes a time when they get very tired and desire to have eternal rest....and at the same time they worry as to whether we will be able to handle them leaving. I surely can understand Manteca being your best friend, they do so much for us and are with heart will ache for you.

I was a dancer. One night at a gypsy camp, I drank a potion meant for
another and lost my heart to a horse named Satin.

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