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Dawn Wagstaff

I apologize for not having a case history up for my stallion. I have attempted to do so and for whatever reason, cannot download the completed form into the folder I did manage to get set up.

This question is in reference to Tipperary, my 20 year old stallion that gained a tremendous amount of weight, fat pads, eye pads, crest, etc. within a few months and then developed laminitis month ago.

I received the ACTH test results my vet pulled last week. Unfortunately, he didn't pull a glucose or insulin...

The testing was done at MSU and the results were 9.0pmol/L(normal 2-10pmol/L). The endocrinologist at MSU recommended treating with pergolide due to his presentation and being at the high end of normal.

I tapered him up on Prascend and he is now on 1mg/day.  He began refusing to eat his timothy pellets that contained the APF. After three or four days of this, I took him off the APF and put him back on Jherb. The J herb seems to be helpful in that in the am, he will eat and is more alert, slightly more mobile, etc. I've been giving him the Prascend at 1pm. When I check on him in the afternoon, he stands with his head down, asleep or stoned, has very little interest in eating. This is including his hay, which is a huge concern. His manure production has dropped off and I am starting to get really concerned with this. 

I am planning tomorrow to reduce his dosage back to .5 mgs.  He seemed reasonable on that dosage, it wasn't until I bumped him up to 1mg. that he began refusing the APF and started really going off his hay.

Has anyone else experienced this situation in a horse that is not fully into a Cushing's diagosis?

Dawn Wagstaff/Tipperary

Saline, MI  2003

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