Re: restesting an IR pony


Hi, Vicky - I'm glad the handsome Samson is doing so well!

If he is going to be living in this dry lot with the sparse grass, then by all means test him there. 

Fasting can affect the results in a couple of ways.If the horse is fasted all night, then the blood is drawn, the insulin will be lower, and you may get a false negative on an IR horse.  If the horse was fasted, then fed breakfast, the insulin will increase from the first meal of the day; usually peaks around 2 hours, but can be elevated from the meal (even if it is hay only) for 3 or 4 hours. Therefore, if the horse can't have hay in front of it all night, best to schedule the vet for more than 4 hours after that first meal of the day. 

Your schedule for testing Samson sounds perfect.

Regarding the seasonal allergies/wheezing, there are a couple of options:  

Spirulina at 40 grams per day, plus chondroitin at 6 grams per day; plus jiaogulan.  One can also use Uckele's Lung EQ:

The trick, I understand, is to get the supplements on board before the seasonal allergies start.

 FYI. he has been mineral balanced by the group!  IR under control and no lameness issues at all and had updated xrays! All looks great, due to your help!

Thanks so very much !

`Vicky Monen and Samson

Ga, Aug 2015


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