Re: Horse WILL NOT eat his minerals


Well, dang!  As maddening and expensive as ulcers can be, at least they can be potentially treated; and if that solves an eating problem then everyone is happy.

With any luck, if you can get Jorah's minerals balanced, his colour will improve; but, it might take up to 3 years for it to be really black, all the time.  It all depends on whether he is iron overloaded. 

I will have to find Kathleen's pictures of Hank. He was a lovely bronze colour when he was purchased, but it turned out he is actually a very dark bay or dark brown. Since mineral balancing, he is almost black, which is the colour he should be. Others have experienced similar colour changes with their dark brown or black horses finally becoming that colour once the minerals were balance.

Good luck with the new pelleted minerals - we will all keep our fingers crossed for you, as we all know how frustrating this can be.

Thank you, everyone.  Jorah does not have ulcers, checked and scoped.  He's just "Mr. Picky Pants, let's see my Owner do the cater dance :-("......

Does anyone else have a Friesian who changes color?  Will this be a yearly thing?  Will he ever be black and stay black?  Does anyone know WHY this happens seasonally?

Thank you for your input.  I just LOVE this group.
Val D- TX
ECIR 2016



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