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Dawn Wagstaff

" don't know if you recall, but one of our members had a Morgan mare that showed many of the classical signs of Cushing's, but repeated ACTH tests from MSU were normal.  She then sent duplicate samples off, one to MSU and one to Cornell, each from the same blood draw.  MSU returned a "normal" value; Cornell returned quite a high value, indicating positive for PPID (thank you, Melanie!)"

Thank you Jaini for your reply. 
Yes,one of the moderators posted the post from the member which contained a series of tests from MSU for her horse then the test from Cornell.
My vet has been down this road with me in the past, I had a mare with refractory IR after foaling that Dr.Kellon consulted on and we sent blood work to Cornell and to BET labs in Kentucky. He will do it for me, it's just that I have to be sensitive regarding how I ask. My vet is an adjunct at MSU. I will retest and also get a baseline glucose and insulin.

He has lost a lot of the fat pads, but still has a good bit more to go. Crest is still quite pronounced, although it has lessened. This morning, he was lying down when I went in the barn, but got up on his own and managed to get over to his hay and food bowl and ate. 

Trim is the issue now also, as he wants to put the majority of his weight on his left front. I can get the right front up long enough to rasp toes and pull the heel down , but this morning, I could not get the left front up longer than to get a boot on it. I was able to rasp the toe from the front, but I would like to take more off. He needs his hinds done also, they are getting uncomfortable. I think he is lying down more because the hind legs are carrying more weight and are tiring.

This is to say the least, difficult. I've owned this guy since he was four months old. He's always been active, strong,etc. and to see him barely able to wobble around is tough emotionally.

Dawn Wagstaff/Tipperary
Saline, MI 2003

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