Re: restesting an IR pony


Hi, Vicky - The starting dose of jiaogulan is 1/2 tsp twice daily for older horses, and 3/4 tsp twice daily for younger horses and ponies.  It is dosed to effect. Take note of the colour of the gums and inner lips of the horse when starting; you are looking for an increase in pinkness which means the circulation has been increased. Ideally, it should be given on an empty stomach, and no food for 20 minutes afterwards.  However, many of us have found that you can feed it with the carrier and supplements, but just feed more.  That is where the "dose to effect" comes in. Just a wee warning - sometimes J-herb perks the geldings up to the point where they are chasing the girls.Whether it is a general "I feel great" effect, or increased circulation to all extremities, I don't know.  (When Merlin gets out of control, I reduce his jiaogulan dose for the sanity of all).

Here is the link to more information about jiaogulan - hopefully, Neo is working so you can see it!

The Lung EQ already has some jiaogulan in it - if you use that, then watch for an increase in gum pinkness; if you aren't getting it, then add extra straight jiaogulan.  I buy mine from It is  best quality, and even with the exchange rate, it is the best price for me. ( I have no affiliation with that company :) )


To the below, how much JHerb per day for a 975lb horse, to go with the other herbs?

"Spirulina at 40 grams per day, plus chondroitin at 6 grams per day; plus jiaogulan.  One can also use Uckele's Lung EQ"

Thanks so much!

`Vicky Monen and Samson

Ga, Aug 2015`

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