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Hi, Kate - The California Trace Plus has a perfect amount of iodine, so you can use either plain salt or iodized salt, whichever is easiest. The extra iodine in the iodized salt won't hurt, and may provide a little extra thyroid support.

Morgans are poster-children for IR, so I am glad you are working on the barn and dry lot, and doing the reading. Good work!

Here is the more detailed welcome (it is long): Also, Yahoo seems to be losing its mind with regard to spacing, so I will re-post if this comes out too wonky.






The list philosophy is Diagnosis, Diet, Trim, and Exercise.


Diagnosis is by blood tests: blood should be pulled from a non-fasting horse (or pony) in a quiet barn; blood spun, separated, and frozen or chilled asap, then sent to the lab at Cornell on ice. Ask for insulin, glucose, leptin and ACTH (ACTH is to check for Cushings or PPID - please ask for it if your horse is 9 years or older)


More information here:


and here:



You have already had the run-down on diet, so I won't repeat that here - I will just leave the link in.


Trim:  This is a trim physiologically balanced to the internal shape of the coffin bone, with short toe and low heels.  Trim is often a neglected or mis-understood piece of the puzzle.


Exercise: This is the best EMS buster there is, but only if the pony/horse is comfortable and non-laminitic.  A horse that has suffered laminitis needs a good 6 to 9 months of correct hoof re-growth before any kind of serious exercise can begin.


There is also a ton of good information on the website.




Ask any and all questions, and again, welcome!


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