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Hi, Kathy - what is often most important in feeds is the percentage of starch. Please don't start feeding the new feed yet, unless you can confirm that it is less than 4% starch.  The 14% protein might or might not cause a problem. If you can give us the name of the feed, and the feed company, we should be able to tell you if it is safe. 

 Donkeys are, unfortunately, much less studied than horses. However, as a baseline philosophy, they have evolved to do well on minimal inputs of sugar, starch, and protein.  Less is better, with these guys.  Like any equine, they need minerals, vitamins and sufficient calories, but too many calories and too many carbs and proteins won't be good for them. 

How is his appetite now on the 1/2 tab of Prascend?  Is he doing better?

Safe and suitable mineral/vitamin supplements in the absence of a hay analysis are: Uckele U-Balance; and California Trace Plus.  Ideally, of course, you will get your hay  and hay cubes analyzed, so that you know what specifically is missing.  In the meantime, do make sure that he is getting Vitamin E, in capsules with soy oil, at a rate of 500 IU per 500 lbs of body weight (best is to use 2 time 400 IU capsules per 500 lbs body weight, since it is a pain to "split" capsules, and since the extra certainly won't hurt); plus salt at 1/2 tbspn per 500 lbs; plus ground, stabilized flax at 2 ounces or 1/3 cup per 500 lbs.

Safe bagged feeds include LMF Low NSC, Nuzu Stabul 1,Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance cubes;  soy hull pellets, ... and, I think that's about it (forgive me if I am missing one or two)

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Hi everyone
Kathy and Radar the donkey in Northern WI we found a senior feed with only 6% sugar but has 14%  protein.  can anyone tell me if high protein will cause additional problems for radar?  he remains on a 1/2 tab of prescend  he also is getting timothy hay cubes soaked.  he will not eat the beet pulp but does eat some of the hay flakes that are put out.  have not started feeding yet just checking first.

2016kathy and radar northern WI

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