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Thanks Jaini,


I know for a fact that the blood was handled correctly.  Vet took blood & owner then took blood (chilled) to processing lab within one hour. Processing lab then spun etc & sent to main lab within four hours.   I believe Dr Kellon is making some enquiries regarding the stability of the Ranvet liquid pergolide in Australia- so I will defer that to her, but agree there are better options. I will advise Maree to continue on the IR as well path for now and wait for the Leptin results. Thanks for your input.



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And.... I do hate to say it, but when one sees a "nice" insulin and "nice" glucose (both of which are subject to lower values when not spun soon enough, and when exposed to heat), I just have to make sure the blood handling was okay. If the blood handling is at all suspect, then the true ACTH will be higher as well, and an increase in pergolide is definitely indicated.

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