Re: Horse on Prascend for 4 months- still won't eat


Hi, Mimi - I just checked, and you are a member of EC History 8, so that is all good.

Go to the Files section:

On the upper, right-hand side you will see a bar "Actions", then a small purple folder, then a small purple paper icon, then the Upload bar.  Click on the Folder; put your name and Scarlet's name on there (Mimi and Scarlet); in the description you can write Mimi's case history.  Click on Save.  It will immediately disappear. (eek!).  Scroll down to the M's in the file section til you find it (alternatively, if you go to Actions, click on Date, and click again so the most recently added folder is at the top, it will be there at the top)

Click on your folder; then click on Upload at the upper right. It will let you browse on your computer so you can find your case history and upload it.  Note that you have to have saved your case history to your computer first.

Yahoo makes me crazy.  Hope this helps, and good luck!

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This is probably not the right place to ask. I have filled out a case history and can't figure out how to get a folder or put it in the folder.

I have been dealing with chronic ulcers that I really feel are related to the PPID and your mention of APF sounds like just what I have been looking for. I will order it today, but I still need to post Scarlet's case history.


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