Re: Fury - recent labwork, and positive for Cushing's


Hi, Stephanie - I agree with Sherry. At the beginning, syringing it is a much better way. If it were me, I would have the APF on board for a couple of days before starting the pergolide. At this time of year, you have a bit more leeway time-wise for the newly diagnosed.

I don't want to go against what your vet says, but you might want to ask why she has suggested that way of starting off with the pergolide. Going up by 0.25 mg every 4 days gets you to 1 mg after 16 days, which is 2 days longer than your vet suggests, but is a more gradual increase. With the powder, you have a lot of flexibility. (for others reading, Stephanie knows about pergolide stability, and is going to switch to the capsules at the next prescription).

There aren't a ton of pharmacokinetic studies on horses and pergolide; but one in particular shows that although most horses respond with a decrease of ACTH within a week, some take up to two weeks, with all responding by 3 weeks. Therefore, re-testing after 2 - 3 weeks will give you a for-sure answer about whether or not you need to increase the pergolide dose.  Can't find the study right now; if anyone else has the link at their fingertips, please chime in. 

I also just want to add that my Merlin has had a diagnosis of PPID now for 5 years; he is, however, about to turn 35, and is still full of beans. We could probably still ride him, as he is quite sound, but I think he deserves his retirement!  The other two PPID horses (24 and 30 years respectively) have been on pergolide for 4 years, and are still sound and rideable. PPID is just one more thing in the management of horses, and the only real hiccup I can see is that it is a disallowed drug for FEI competitions (which sucks, because a lot of these horses are still quite capable of competing). I know that the emotions after that initial diagnosis can run high ( I think I may even have the s-word in Gypsy's case history), but hang in there - I am sure you and Fury can get through this.

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I all, I am waiting on the Pergolide shipment, and I have ordered the APF adaptogen original formula. If the Pergolide comes first, should I wait until I have the APF before giving it? Is the APF squirted into the mouth, or onto the food? According to my vet.'s instructions for the Pergolide, I am to begin with .5 mg for 7 days, then .75mg for 7 days, then 1 mg for 7 days, and then another blood sample for ACTH level. 

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