Re: Thistle's Case History


HI, Linda - Yes, the case history is great, and the link works just fine. Well done, you!

Anyplace that doesn't have grass, weeds or other green stuff to eat is a dry lot, so yes, Thistle's dirt pasture is a dry lot.  I will be very curious to see how her insulin changes in the future once the ACTH comes down with the pergolide; from the looks of her leptin results, she is not baseline IR, but is IR due to Cushing's. That would be nice for you, as that means that as long as her PPID is controlled, her insulin will be controlled as well (and you won't have to be quite as obsessive as some of us have to be about diet)

The Haystack Low Carb/Low Fat feed looks really good - another one to add to our list of bagged feeds that are okay for IR horses!  

Until you get your hay tested, and know that it is less than 10% ESC plus starch, it is safest to soak it, because Thistle is currently IR, for whatever reason. 

Hopefully, this is the correct link to Thistle's Case
Please let me know if I filled it out correctly.

Linda and Thistle
February 2016

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