Re: Fury - recent labwork, and positive for Cushing's

Hi Dr. Kellon,
Thanks for you reply! 
This is the email response (see below) that I got from my vet when I wrote and asked her for a prescription for Pergolide:

 "I actually don't write scripts for compounded medictions due to the laws in Colorado. The law allows me to use compounded medication for "office use", so I am able to work my way around that with "dispensing" compounded meds under direct care (I contact the owner each and every time I reorder drugs to see how the patient is doing, any concerns, changes, etc., and I follow up in person as needed.).
I would be happy to call in a script for the FDA approved form, Prascend.  (Prascend is actually cheaper through me, so most owners opt for that instead of ordering it elsewhere)."                                                                 
 I don't know what's going on about this...

Stephanie and Fury, Colorado (2009)

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