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 "I actually don't write scripts for compounded medictions due to the laws in Colorado. The law allows me to use compounded medication for "office use", so I am able to work my way around that with "dispensing" compounded meds under direct care (I contact the owner each and every time I reorder drugs to see how the patient is doing, any concerns, changes, etc., and I follow up in person as needed.).
I would be happy to call in a script for the FDA approved form, Prascend.  (Prascend is actually cheaper through me, so most owners opt for that instead of ordering it elsewhere)."                                                                 

I don't really understand that either but wonder if your vet may be misinterpreting something.

"Office use" means exactly that - for use in the office. Colorado does have a law which grants that health care providers may use some compounded medicines for office use, e.g. anesthetics, without having to have an individual prescription. This does not mean they can then prescribe and hand out those medications. That would actually usually be a violation of compounding laws.

All medications prescribed by a vet, compounded or not, have to be in the framework of a valid patient-owner-vet relationship which is what she described under direct care.

Colorado does not prohibit vets writing prescriptions. They recommend adhering to AVMA policy which is that vets should honor client requests for prescriptions.

There is no Colorado law against prescribing compounded meds. Your vet may be referring to the opinion that compounding pergolide from bulk drug is illegal.  Two major court decisions have disagreed and even the FDA is starting to come around a bit on veterinary bulk drug compounding but more important at the moment is that your vet can write a prescription for pergolide that does not specify either compounded or Prascend.  This is perfectly legal in anyone's book.  You and the pharmacy decide how to fill it.

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