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My 27 yr old mare had a similar "episode".  I got to the barn one day and her trough was tipped over and she was walking wind swept. Meaning her nose and neck pointed forward, but her hinds were tracking at an angle so she was walking slightly sideways. She also had dirt scrapes all over her legs.  Vet came out, examined her and put her on a low dose of banamine.  He thought she may have had a pinched nerve in her back from a fall.  **This too happened to her one day after her Spring west nile shot. 

 She seemed to be doing better with exercise so after a week, I turned her out with the other old horses.  She ran next to a tree, misjudged where her hips were since they we not in alignment with her head and hit the tree with her hip bone.  She fell to the ground and immediately sprang back up.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  She has never been the same since.  She is still wobbly and sometimes when I pick up her feet, she starts to loose her balance.  

I am wondering if continuing to give old cushings immune challenged horses annual shots is a bad idea.  I know that many small animal vets are now recommending not to vaccinate health compromised dogs.....

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Yesterday, my 31 year old IR/Cushings mare had some sort of episode.  She fell down (I heard a crash) in an uphill situation and on her wrong side (she usually lays down on her left side and was on her right).  I had noticed her kind of walking a little sideways before she fell.  Called the vet because my husband and I couldn't get her up or turn her over by ourselves.  When we turned her over, she did get up shakily, stood for a few minutes, and walked a little unsteadily out.  After a few steps she was walking fine.  Vet checked her over, did a neurological test (pulled her tail from side to side), took temperature, pulse, listened to heart and lungs and everything was normal.  The vet had just been out to do shots and her Spring blood test which came back better then it has been, ACTH 36.5, Insulin 20.9, and Glucose 118.

He took blood yesterday as well to see if everything was normal.  The only thing he told me was that her sodium was low.  She does get iodized salt in her feed and has a white salt block in her stall but if I put too much salt in her feed she will not eat it.  I did notice on her blood results from yesterday that her Glucose was 67.  Could this have caused her episode?  I was just getting ready to feed her.

Also, he wants me to give her some Previcox because she will be sore and he wants her to move around some.  I also give her Spirulina and Jioagulan for her allergies.  Should I discontinue the Jioagulan while she is on the Previcox?  I will give her Aloe Vera juice with the Previcox?

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