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Hi, Linda - first try dropping back to 0.5 mg and see if that makes a difference. Give it a couple of days. If it makes no difference, then add in APF.  If there is still no difference, go back to the bare minimum of supplements in the bucket, and see if that helps. Did you get a new bag of flax or other that might not be to her taste?

When you go back up to 1 mg, here is how to do it: dissolve half a tablet of the Prascend in 5 mls or so of water, and suck it up in a syrings.  Give half the mixture plus her half tablet of Prascend, which will give 0.75 mg. Make sure she is getting the APF as well.  Continue with the 0.75 mg Prascend for 4 days, then you can go to 1 mg Prascend.

Food wars can be rather frustrating, and feature commonly with our challenged horses.

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I am curious as to why she is eating all of her hay, but nothing in the
bucket. At first, the food in the bucket was a treat, and she had no
problem eating it. Also, none of the ingredients were changed. Should we
drop back to 0.50 mg from 1 mg on the Prascend temporarily to see if
that is the difference or is there something in the bucket she initially
liked, but now no longer likes?

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