Re: vax question

lj friedman

Dr. Kellon wrote:
That said, no animal of any species should be vaccinated when ill or debilitated. Being aged or having PPID does not automatically mean there should be no vaccinations though. We do know that horses with chronic laminitis (presumably IR) overreact to injected foreign material.  Actively laminitic horses should not be vaccinated IMO. Horses with a history of exaggerated vaccine reactions should definitely avoid the specific brand that caused this in the past and should always receive prophylaxis (typically Banamine) before vaccinations.  If you fear reaction in a PPID/IR horse, only consider those for life-threatening diseases and you can always test titers before administering the vaccine.

My quesiton.. if offering banamine before vaccination. what is the time frame to give the banamine before the vax?  lj friedman san diego. nov 2014

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