Re: Altenative to Pracend (pergolide mesylate) ???


Hi, Dominique!

In May of 2015 you posted about Festival:

 "He has never had Laminitis and symptoms are long hair growth, decreased top line and round belly, thick crest sometimes, one round swelling at neckline behind but side on to jaw and as always thought of as a good doer but always hungry

What happens if this condition was to remain untreated? Is there an explanation for how this condition started, other than old age? Is my horse in pain or discomfort, though he does not have laminitis? Is this a stress related disease?"

There is a longish essay to follow, but the synopsis is: If Cushings is present, use pergolide= Prascend. If Insulin Resistance is present, use diet. If both are present, use pergolide and diet.  Details are here:

Does Festival actually have Cushing's disorder, or does he have insulin resistance, or does he have both?  If he has Cushing's disorder, there is only one thing that will help control that: the drug pergolide (brand name Prascend)  You can help with some of the symptoms by using Chaste Tree Berry, but it will not control the excess ACTH produced by the benign tumor in the pituitary gland, and it will not help to slow the growth of that tumor. Just to be clear, plant-based treatments are also drugs, just not standardized as to dose.  The reason Chaste Tree Berry helps with some of the symptoms is because there is a compound in it that attaches to receptors in the brain - just like pergolide, but different receptors. It will not help reduce all of the symptoms, or slow the growth of the tumor.

You can absolutely go "natural" to try to deal with Cushing's disease in horses. The result will be reduced immune function, more infections, loss of muscle, weakness, laminitis, and a long, slow, uncomfortable demise, during which the horse will feel distinctly unwell. As a veterinarian, I have seen a number of Cushing's horses that were not treated, and that were eventually euthanized or died. It is not a nice way to go. One of our long-time members sadly had that experience as well, and will tell you that "better living through chemistry" is, for a Cushing's horse, way, way better then "perishing slowly and miserably  in a natural manner". 

If Festival is suffering from insulin resistance,then the answer is diet. You do need to have a diagnosis to determine just what is going on with this nice horse. Your vet is crucial in finding out what is going on here.

Don't waste your money chasing down snake oil and supplements that might or might not work.  Get the blood work done, get a diagnosis, and go from there. Festival is depending on you. If he has Cushing's, he needs pergolide just as much as a human juvenile diabetic needs insulin. We can walk you through how to start out on this route..

We have members in Australia that can help you find the laboratories for diagnosis, and resources for safe feeds in Oz. 

Do you need more information about how to diagnose Cushing's disease and insulin resistance? Let us know - we are here to help you to help your horses.

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Gee it has been some time since I have been here, I have forgotten what I must do to post here, sorry :( but this is not just about my self and managing my horses wellbeing so I hope you all will consider the following contents. I am not a biochemist just a lay person that has done a lot of reading and researching with a limited understanding, however, I thought that I may be on a good track and endeavouring to find some healthy knowledgeable in put, so here it goes....:) thanks for any help in the meantime.

Firstly though, I have read through the files. 

I have found a product that consists of L-Tyrosine and Phenylalanine and two herbs Gotu Kola and Ginger Root. 

After all that I have read it seems to me that it may be a good natural alternative, my problem is how much would you give daily, long term?

I have been told by Vet that if the Cortisol has increased which leads to Anhydrosis there is only Prascend or euthanasia when it is at its extreme.

My wish is for my horse to be a horse and spend his days comfortable as naturally as possible. Looking for an alternative to a synthetic, drug.

Thanks again for any constructive advice, take care,

Dominique and Festival.

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