Re: Zinc carnosine and gastric ulcers and timing of lab work and small pergolide dose increase


She looks good! I would call that a BCS of 4 to 4.5. She has lost muscle mass behind the withers, over the glutes, and the quads (pretty normal for age-related muscle loss, or Cushing's-related muscle loss)

Scarlet's coat colour looks like there might be a copper/zinc deficiency, or an iron excess, which will result in a functional copper/zinc deficiency.  I am only guessing - too much of that bleached brown colour on the flanks and hair ends. I think she should maybe be a lot darker over-all. Again,just guessing.

There might be a hint of "forward foot syndrome" . I will leave that up to our hoof person extraordinaire, Lavinia, once you post the hoof pics.

Let us know what the blood results are. It is always a balancing act with these seniors, but I have found by experience that it is easier to test the ACTH, increase the pergolide, and then watch the weight and muscle come back than to buy supplements and agonize over a skinny horse. :)  

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I put up 2 pictures of Scarlet  
Feet were trimmed today and when I can get husband, Tom to help I will take pictures of them.

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