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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Fran,

Just added mark-ups to Ford's album:

Lots of progress has been made since the start of this rehab   Now you need to build on that so things do not remain "status quo". When the shoes were going to be applied last time, the trimmer did a good job in backing the toes. Need to do the same thing every time there is a trim, not only when the shoes are going on. I know this has been a bit of a sticking point.

LF/RF sole: Both feet have similar things going on so I'm referencing both here. Purple is the area in the front half of the foot where it appears there was sole removed. Although it was flaking, this area is somewhat thin and I would recommend restraint - let the exfoliating material get worn away on its own with movement rather than removing it manually during a trim. This will leave a bit of extra protection in this area for as long as possible and allow the sole material underneath to harden up before becoming exposed.

Green is where to back the toes to and bring the flares in all around, esp toward the rear quarters where the flares were the greatest when you started this journey. If the wall is separating from the sole and there is a bulge in the wall that is visible, need to get it aligned with the rest of the wall or the point where the bulge meets the non-flaring wall becomes a focal weak spot for cracks to form.

Orange chevrons are where the current bar-wall juncture is. These have remained static since the beginning. Need to coax these areas open so they move rearward (orange arrows) along with the heel buttresses so as to relieve the outward pressure from the bars. There is a fair amount of flaking/cracking evident so they are ready to be addressed to some degree. Use common sense but don't be afraid to shave some material out to expose the true sole that is buried there each time the feet are trimmed.

Blue are the outward-leaning, overlaid bars. Again, these areas are flaking/cracking so are more than ready to be worked on. Remove as much flaking material as there is here to reveal the sole. Address the lean at each trim, from the sole side and gently move them inward toward the frog.

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