WNV VAX question

LJ Friedman

Hope Dr. Kellon can post. ( wasnt sure where to post this as I wasnt sure where I read this)

I read somewhere where Dr Kellon said that the only wnv vax that works well, bec of titres. is the merial recombitek. Local vets dont carry this so I'd have to pay $20 extra for overnite shipping..( I did this last year)  My local vet carries the BI brand. I mentioned why I want to use the Merial brand and my vet says he feels that Merial doesnt work at all here ( san diego) and BI is superior. I'm wondering if things have changed since Dr. Kellon posted about the Merial being the best and only.  Should I get the Merial via online and shipped or have things changed where the BI is now fine ?  thanks.  

LJ Friedman San Diego Nov 2014

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