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lj friedman

I went through EoTR H surgery a few months ago. Hopefully, your vet dentist it's a specialistv as this is a type of surgery that requires skill and experience.. Most vets will refer this to a dental specialist. Some vets will do this on their own but they shouldn't. Imho. ISuturing in flaps in the gumline etc.requires skill . I remember antibiotics ,I believe , were given for a month. The key to success is you should be rinsing your horses mouth where the extractions are, first with a hose then with the chlorhexidine solution twice a day hopefully after he eats. Ask your vet for .5L of full strength chlorhexidine and then he can show you the color that is needed to ensure proper strength when you're diluting it. You can pre make a liter of two at a time. There is a device you'll see the dentist used to flush out the horses mouth. Ask him to give you one of those To borrow. If not you will be using syringes which is little bit of a hassle. Good luck. EiTRH is quite a painful thing so it is very kind of you to fix this. After a month, your horse will show only positive outcome. And after one day of surgery should be eating as normal.

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