Reasons for hoof soreness

Stephanie Stout


I'm trying to think of all the reasons why King's feet might be sore. He isn't actively 'foundering' but I think there's some inflammation in his hooves as he's very sore. He did founder severely back in 2014 when his ACTH was off the charts. His latest ACTH came back at 25 pg/mL and his Insulin came back at 35 uIU/mL from Cornell. He's currently on 14mg of Compounded Pergolide from Pet Health and a low s/s grain(just a handful with his Vitamin E, salt). I'm working on getting him to eat the mineral mix(Mr. Picky). The previous hay he was on all fall/winter had high Iron, 365 ppm, so could that of been making his feet sore? It was low s/s, but I just switched him to a different low s/s hay that has lower Iron and sugar(6.7% ESC + starch).

So, what is there that can cause foot soreness besides ACTH? Can mineral levels, specifically Iron, cause sore feet when it is unbalanced? 
Stephanie & King
October 2014
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