Re: Reasons for hoof soreness

Stephanie Stout

Hi Dr. Kellon,

Thanks for replying! He went almost 100% sound in summer, 2015 and then became sore again this winter/spring. I figured it was because of the really cold temperatures(significantly below zero) so I put him on AAKG and ALCAR, and thought/hoped he would get better when it got warmer. Well, it's warmer and he's still quite sore. Exercise is just him limping around his paddock now because he's too sore to go on walks. No NSAIDS or any other drugs besides the Pergolide and his supplements/herbs. His feet don't feel abnormally warm(I check them all the time). You balanced my hay, and I got a custom mix from Uckele, which I'm trying to get him to eat...he absolutely hates it. I finally got him to eat a tiny bit this morning with much begging and mixing.

Regarding trim, his feet are tricky. He absolutely has to be in pads and shoes no matter what(it's been that way since he was young because of the work level and his previous owner whose farrier was the worst in the world!) so he gets them reset about every 6 weeks. He has very 'funky' feet regarding angles, they were whacked horribly with the previous owner, and while they have gotten better over the years before the laminitis, they are still not the ideal. Right now, he's in basic shoes, no clips, with a full-sole pad. Is there a different shoe you would recommend? Or do you think the Gel Impact Pads could possibly help? I know it's not the ideal situation with him having to be in shoes, so I'm trying to work with what he can do. 

Am I missing something else that could be causing the problems? 

Thank you!!

Stephanie & King
October 2014
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