Lowering Insulin(Metformin?)

Stephanie Stout

Hey All! 

I posted last week about King being foot sore, and he has gotten progressively worse the past couple days with his hoof pain. :( His latest Insulin(beginning of the month) came back at 35 uIU/mL, so I'm thinking his Insulin is too high for him which is causing foot pain since his ACTH is in the 20's. Are there any ways to lower Insulin besides exercise(which he can't do) and a low s/s diet? Do you think I should try getting him on Metformin for a little while to see if that helps? He is significantly worse since last week, and when he does get up from resting, he is trying to shift weight off the front and is very painful. 

Thanks all for your help/information. I wouldn't know what to do without this group. I feel horrible he's having a hard time again. Trying to do anything & everything I can do for him! 

Stephanie & King
October 2014
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