Re: Lowering Insulin(Metformin?)

Stephanie Stout

Hi Nancy,

He was trimmed and reset on May 19th. He's been sore all winter(holding steady), but was up and moving around. He became significantly worse on Tuesday and only gets up a couple times per day to urinate. I'm bringing him water and food right now. I will get photos of his feet when he is standing up eventually, but it's going to be awhile since he doesn't stand up for long/very often right now.

Unfortunately, he can't go without shoes. He has several tendon injuries - check, suspensory, and deep digital over the years - so with the tendons and his super sensitive feet, he has to be shod and padded. I tried years ago when I first got him to get him to go barefoot to try and correct the horrible job his previous farrier did(different owner), and he couldn't get up/take a single walking step until I put shoes back on(then he went back to walking fine). This was ~10 years ago. 

Thank you 
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October 2014
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