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Leigh Jacobs

I have tried all of the following with Ace.  By hand, I have tried Speede-beet pill pockets, carrots, apples, bananas, handful of oats(I know....), TC lite, TC Low Starch, opened and directly sprinkled into his happy meal-what a waste of money that way was!!!! He now will not take anything from my hand and has turned up his nose more often than naught to his happy meal, which Shadow (my IR horse) greedily sucks up when I am not looking....
The best way to make sure he gets this medication is to give it via syringe and water.  I open the capsule, dump the powder into a small amount of water, suck it up and syringe it into him. 
Leigh, Ace and Shadow
Tucson, AZ 2011?

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The only way I've had success with giving my mare pergolide capsules is cutting a tiny piece of apple and hiding it inside.  She won't eat grapes or prunes or plums; I've tried.  She won't eat it if I try to hide it in her soaked beet pulp either.  Just wondering if anyone else found anything else that might work as I know apples are bad but I decided it's better for her to have her pergolide!

Thank you
Laura (Illinois) (2011)

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