when to draw blood and timing of pergolide administration?

LJ Friedman

I've seen a lot of recent inquiry into timing of blood draw and admin of pergolide for acth testing.. I know I follow the suggestions of the group to the letter.. I'm not sure that it is made crystal clear to new members and all members about this. Perhaps  when it is explained, for IR,  how  you send to cornell on a non fasted horse etc ,  perhaps then might be the time to add  something that tells members to the timing of the pergolide admin and preferred blood testing time?   for ex give pergolide at 8am.. try for blood draw at 10-11?   ( I know my last acth draw that I will receive results shortly, I gave the pergolide at 8am and blood draw at 11am exactly. ) 

LJ Friedman San Diego Nov 2014

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