Hoof radiographs uploaded

Stephanie Stout

Hi All, 

I got an x-ray of King's front right hoof this morning since he has been very sore on it recently. I would love your corrections/thoughts on what you see besides significant rotation - I have the farrier coming out ASAP to do some correctional work. Besides taking off a significant amount of toe(he is 2 weeks past due right now since he was too sore to reset his shoes before), what angles would you change? Is there a specific shoe you would put him in? He must have shoes and pads on, unfortunately. The vet wants to remove toe, and take down his heel significantly(about 4 - 5 degrees) and then put him in wedge pads and slowly reduce the wedge every couple weeks. He has significant tendon damage so it also makes it challenging. Do you agree? 

I took a picture of the x-rays off my phone so sorry about the reflection on the photos. They are suppose to send me a JPEG copy so I can post that here when I get it. (I posted 2 different pictures of the same x-ray so hopefully one will work for you guys to see) Have you seen stress fractures of the P3 like this before? (Please say yes!!) 


Thank you very much. 

Stephanie & King
October 2014
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