Re: Hoof radiographs uploaded

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I think your vet's plan is reasonable, although the wedging and gradual lowering (at each shoeing interval) doesn't always work.  Agree with the stated trim goals.  I've seen ringbone be remodeled after correct hoof form is in place but the changes in the coffin joint are likely permanent.  That dose of Previcox is too high.  Should be half that.  NSAIDs have the potential to interfere with bone healing and circulation but have no effect on IR.  All things considered I'd say he is a candidate for Previcox but you could also try high dose Devil's Claw instead.  I'd combine that with 200 mg/day hyaluronic acid.  The coffin joint changes aren't going to stabilize though until those heels come down and no wedging.

Eleanor in PA

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