Re: ACTH went up, maybe artificially?

Lisa S

Thanks for this info. 

What I would now really like is for Cornell to provide a discounted fee for those paired samples! I would be very inclined to test this way when I test Zippy for the first time post-pergolide as this will be his first fall to be dosed, and I would really like to optimize its effect.

Of course I have shared about my PPID pony who lived to 40 before we knew how to manage a PPID horse. He was on a small dose of compounded product that I left out in the sun, wind, and rain, and I was hardly faithful about dosing him daily. Still, in his case, some proved better than none: despite that fact that I did everything wrong, the pergolide (and a dry lot and a grazing muzzle--I wasn't a totally bad parent!) helped him live an extra 10 years, nearly all of them laminitis free. 

I am not one to give up if I can't do things perfectly, but I now try to control what I CAN, and not worry about what I can't!

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