titrating prascend : first time a horse will be receiving this

LJ Friedman

I already know the answer to my question.  Half xxx measures yield half xx results.. ( forgot the exact wording)

I'm going to assist a friend start on the pergolide wave. I'll have her follow my lead.. start with prascend at 1mg and if dose needs to be increased , change over to comp pergolide for cost savings.

The question I ask concerns the splitting of the prascend tablet. It is scored to split in half very well. I'm tempted to start at ,50 mg for 3 days  and tirtrate up to 75 for 3 days and then remain at 1mg and go back is symptoms present. How much harm will I do if I skip the .25mg level. ( I dont want to syringe 25. etc) I havent split a tablet in quarters for several years. lj friedman san diego. 

LJ Friedman San Diego Nov 2014

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