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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 03:40 pm, Stephanie Stout wrote:

Is there a specific reason why gradual lowering by slowly lowering the wedges at each reset doesn't work?

If the heels have been high for a prolonged period, especially if there is also pain involved, the tendon-muscle unit is often shortened.  When you add injury and possible scarring it's even more complicated.  Shaving a bit off the heels every few days may be easier for the horse to take than a 3 to 5 degree change every 4 to 6 weeks, although honestly there is no guarantee that would work either.

The vet also said that she would like King in Natural Balance shoes with the wedge pads - agree or disagree? Would you reset every 4 weeks? 

There is a lot we don't know about his feet and haven't even seen photos from all angles so I don't feel comfortable saying much beyond general principles.  Why does he need pads and shoes?  Has he always had long upright feet?  Any abscessing?  What is the nature of the tendon injury?  Why was he so lame recently?  A natural balance shoe without a natural balance trim is not helpful.  The heels have to come down to a normal height and P3 in about a 5 degree angle with the ground before that system can be effective.

Where would I get the Devil's Claw that is IR safe? I know the local feed store has BL Solution/Bute-Less that has Devil's Claw but it also has Yucca in it.

Phyto-Quench is now Devil's Claw based.

Should I give both Previcox and Devil's Claw at the same time?


Where would I get pure H/A also?

You were getting it from My Best Horse before.

Also, he is on J-herb, and ALCAR so should I take him off the herbs? 

Jiaogulan won't work with Previcox.  The ALCar is for neuropathic pain and can be continued.

On the film, the tip of his P3 has 2-3 'tips' instead of one solid point. What are those different tips? Is that arthritis?

Movement artifact and/or remodeling. Arthritis occurs at joints.


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