Triple Crown now controls ODTB from Southern States


Just a heads up - I didn't know if I should post here or EC horse keeping but when I picked up my ODTB from Southern States in Delaware I was given a very nice bag labeled Triple Crown Naturals. Luckily I had the plain brown bag from my usual ODTB and compared the ingredients tags - they were identical. The price was the same - so far - but the bag is definitely marketed towards Cushings & IR horses, prominently stating: PREMIUM FORAGE, FORMULATED FOR HORSES WITH CUSHING'S DISEASE, INSULIN RESISTANCE, LAMITIS, AND RELATED CONDTIONS - Also states: Formulated with GMO free ingredients, Low Sugar/Low Starch, Fortified with Beet Pulp and Minerals for a balanced Diet in bold letters. Hope the fancy packaging doesn't drive the price up. My Southern States said that they recently had about 5 new people requesting ODTB.

Dawn & Roma
Middletown, Delaware
August 2011

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