Banjo, 32yo Paint Gelding


Hi All!

I'm new here, and trying to sort things out with your interface, so please forgive any transgressions.

Banjo is a 32 years young Paint Gelding. He is about 90% recovered from a long bout with lameness that nearly resulted in his being put down. The cause of the lameness has never been determined; best guess is a soft tissue injury in his chest, but he could barely walk when I first met him :-(

His feet were, and are in great shape; he is barefoot, and gets trims on a 7 week schedule, same as the rest of the herd (23yo Appendix gelding, 16yo black mule gelding, 10yo Paint mare).

He is happily taking me out for easy trail rides this season, and continues to improve with light exercise.

In the Spring of 2015, I noticed that he was slow shedding his winter coat. My vet at the time simply declared "Cushings", and as there were no other symptoms, suggested a "wait-and-see" approach. She was subsequently canned (for other reasons), and my new vet tested Banjo this Spring, and put him on Pergolide. It is being supplied as a powder, and his current dosage is 1 small scoop (perhaps 1/4tsp, I _think_ 1 gram) daily.

Since Spring, he has also been getting a "ration balancer" pellet along with his breakfast cereal (~1lb Oats, and 1/2lb sweet-feed). The animals are on free-feed good quality Timothy hay, with 24/7 turnout on 10 acres of relatively poor pasture. They are all happy, healthy critters.

Here is a "summary" of his test results:


"Hello Steve- please find attached your T4 lab results for Banjo.  He is on the very upper level of the T4 analysis.  Banjo is still showing signs of insulin resistance but it is not due to his thyroid. "


Sorry, was unable to cut-paste the relevant parts.

Banjo is a sweet, intelligent old fellow, and is dear to me; I would like to see him remain healthy and happy thru his senior years. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on caring for my friend. TIA!

Steve and Banjo

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