Mare passed away have a few things to pass on if interested

Sharon Manning

Hi all,

My Cushings Mare of 32 years has passed away and I have a few things that might be of value to others. I live in Knoxville, TN and if you are interested you can pick up most anytime.

Feed - Stabul 1 - 15 bags. I paid 25.93 per bag.

Sox for Horses - These sox were only worn a couple of times. The were altered by the company with verco so that they can be put on without lifting the hoof. She had arthritis so this made the on and off easier.

Half price or less for any of the above. I would like for these things to be useful to another horse.



Cushing/IR 05


NAT 2/09


DEW 08/10

COH 04/11

BRR 2015

AAL 2015

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